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Commercial Curtain Dry Cleaning Services in Sydney

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 New Life Commercial Curtain Dry Cleaning Services specialises in dry cleaning services for education, health, hospitality, entertainment and community organisations. We love to work with your business and be as little of a distraction as possible by offering complementary services such as pickup and delivery.

Education Facilities

For schools, colleges and universities, we specialise in dry cleaning and flame-retarding stage curtains in school assembly halls. Our treatment complies with the building codes of Australia and is certified for two years after treatment. We also dry clean and flame-retard curtains, blinds and window furnishings in school buildings including classrooms, dormitories and offices.

Health and Community Services

Our service includes pickup and hospital-grade dry cleaning for bed screens and curtains, sheets, linens and hospital bedding for facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes and retirement villages. We apply flame retardants to curtains that comply with the Building Code of Australia and Public Health Risk Management policies. We issue a certificate of service on every flame-retarding service.

Hospitality and Entertainment

Premium dry cleaning services for curtains, sheets, linens, tablecloths and bedding for hotels, motels and restaurants. We also specialise in stage curtains in entertainment areas of pubs and clubs. Effective flame retarding is critical for public safety and for compliance with the Building Codes of Australia and for local council licensing requirements. For compliance, it should be done every two years. Certificate available upon completion for insurance.


We are recognised for our ability to clean and flame-retard stage curtains in theatres, clubs and schools. Many stage curtain suppliers recommend our service to ensure effective flame retarding. This is required every two years for most curtain fabrics and is critical for public safety and for compliance with the Building Codes of Australia. We issue a certificate of service on every flame-retarding service.

Theatre Costumes

In addition, we also specialise in theatre and stage costume dry cleaning. Throughout our 50+ years of experience in the dry cleaning industry, we have gained a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the effects of various solvents on different types of fabrics, paints, stage blood, beading, sequins and trimmings, allowing us the achieve the very best results for your stage wardrobe.


We specialise in the professional cleaning of drapes from any industry

Stay Safe and Compliant

Not only will having clean window furnishings help keep you and your customers healthier but it will also keep you all safer by complying with fire codes. Take advantage of our experience and service and call in today for a free quote.

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