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Domestic Curtain Dry Cleaning Service in Sydney

Keep an Eye on These Things


When Was the Last Time You Checked?

If your curtains, drapes or blinds are stained, dusty or smelly, it’s time to give them the New Life treatment! Most households have a small fortune invested in their window furnishings but don’t realise how easy and convenient it is to protect this investment before damages become irreversible.

Health Hazards

New Life Curtain Dry Cleaners are experts in cleaning and rejuvenating your window furnishings. We provide peace of mind when it comes to protecting your curtains, drapes or blinds by removing dust, dust mites, allergens, mould and mildew. These nasties can have a harmful effect on the health of your loved ones and result in unsightly stains or offensive odours.

Avoid Destructive Cleaning

Don’t risk laundering or steam cleaning your curtains and window furnishings! This will void the manufacturer’s warranty and you risk damaging your window furnishings at a significant cost to you.


Platinum Service available for anyone

The Platinum Service

Introducing our new Platinum Service Program. Experience the new standard of excellence.

Comprehensive Service

We will take down, dry clean, deliver and install your curtains and window furnishings while taking time to repair curtain tracks and replace hooks if necessary. This is all summarised in our unique seven-step process.

50+ Years of

Our team really knows how to provide the best service and solutions. With over five decades in the dry cleaning industry, we know all the tricks to give you the best clean possible.

Odour Free

Our hydrocarbon and ozone treatments will ensure that your curtains and window furnishings come back to you smelling fresh.

State-of-the-Art Processes

Ultrasonic equipment and hydrocarbon solvents provide the best possible clean while still being gentle on your fabrics and rubber backing so it maximises the life of your window furnishings.

Fabric Protection and Flame Retarding

These special finishes can be applied to prevent spills, stains and watermarks from damaging your window furnishings, and ensure your home is fire safe (optional extras – enquire on booking).

Guaranteed Treatment

We offer a quality three-day fast turnaround professional service.

Bring New Life into Your Home

Call in today to give your window furnishings the cleaning and treatment they deserve. Our gentle and deep cleaning methods will leave your curtains and drapes looking and smelling like new. Ask us about receiving a free quote and how our Platinum Service can benefit you.

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